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"Anyone can animate". This is the philosophy of a service lost to time. A drag and drop animation program that made animation simple. Not everyone has the time or ability to animate, so it was a truly beautiful thing. Unfortunately, that story ended a long time ago. However, it doesn’t have to be that way anymore…

FlashThemes tries to revitalize this concept so it is easy, fun, and most important, faithful to the legacy of its origins. You can make animations with ease, be it comedic, serious, or anything in between! Once you’re done, share your story with others, and see what the world has to say about your brilliance! That’s our story, now let’s see yours, we can’t wait to watch it! It's easy, fun and free. You can customize your animations with a large number of tools and features that allow you to create truly unique works of expression.

FlashThemes was created with love and passion from the developers, we have a big passion for keeping things we remember fondly alive and want to share the experiences we had with other people to keep the fire burning.

We try to listen out to any suggestions and bright ideas from everyone. We try our absolute best to be inclusive towards everybody and we hope you enjoy the tools we created, and what our users share!

For any type of inquiries, just send us an email at [email protected].

Quotes from users

“FlashThemes is a great revival of the old days. It has nearly everything and is easy to use, no downloads and no corruptions.”

- Lemon - Profile

“FlashThemes is the best drag and drop animation project, I have ever had the honor of using and beta testing. No others have ever been able to come close to being nearly the quality as FlashThemes is!”

- Sphynx - Profile

"There is no stop for dragging and dropping with FlashThemes!"

- Axel - Profile

"2011, over a decade later!"

- Octanuary - Profile

"FlashThemes perfectly captures the retrospective of that one animation site. Uhhh, I forgot its name, but you probably know what it is. From importing props and sharing it to others, to having other users see videos you've created, to even exporting your videos, FlashThemes is literally the KING of reviving what 2011 use to be!"

- DogzillaQDog - Profile

"Flashthemes is fantastic, the possibilities are endless when you put your mind to it!"

- ThunderIT - Profile

"FlashThemes is an amazing website where the past is inside the present. Where you can make your own cartoons and build your community. Takes you back to the days when life used to be so much simpler."

- Milesium-487 - Profile

“its pretty cool i guess”

- nova!! - Profile

“it sure is something, alright.”

- DavidMignault - Profile

"The power to make animations with two simple steps: you drag, and you drop. Simple to learn and easy to get used to... and, of course, it's fun to use as well! The sky (and your amount of video ideas) is the limit with FlashThemes!"

- Nema - Profile

"You have a website that gives you tools to express your creativity, and you share it... right there, and engage with the community! How cool is that?"

- soup, k? - Profile

“FlashThemes is a blast from the past, a nostalgic snippet of a bygone era.”

- GoTube - Profile

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