Adobe Flash Guide

Due to Adobe Flash Player's retirement, you will need to install Adobe Flash Player onto your computer and patch out the date check with FlashPatch, along with a companion browser.

Why do I need to install another browser? Most mainstream browsers dropped support for Adobe Flash Player along with the plugin interfaces that it used (PPAPI and NPAPI). As such, you will need to acquire and older browser.

Please note that when using Flash:

  • Flash may perform poorly on lower end PCs, and generally could cause the page to be unresponsive
  • Some newer versions of Flash might be slower / glitchier

Adobe Flash

Step 1

Download and install
Adobe Flash

CleanFlash (Recommended) - Download
Mac OS X - Download
Windows - Firefox - Download
Windows - Chrome - Download
FlashPatch - Download


Step 2

Next download and install the
Chromium Browser

Mac OS X - Download
Windows - Download
Linux - Download

Getting Help

Step 3

Need some help getting started?
Here are some helpful resources

Help Videos



We are aware of the Ruffle project, which is to restore both AVM1 and AVM2 support, the latter being what FlashThemes uses.

However, the current amount of features that are supported will not suffice for the software FlashThemes needs to boot or function properly.

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